A tomato with unique qualities and an extreme balance between wholesomeness and taste


Artisans rooted in the tradition with a look that goes beyond

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A highly sustainable production cycle that starts with the choice of the cultivar

Production cycle



Because we are artisans bound to tradition.

Our products are hand-picked to ensure maximum integrity to the bunch, which has visual and olfactory characteristics that brings back memories of the unique taste of Sicily.


Because we look beyond. 

We have always been focused on growing a qualitatively unique tomato.

We follow each fruit throughout the entire production cycle, taking care of every detail. We rely on a team of agronomists, who are experts in high-tech off-soil cultivation.

Isolagrande stretches about 70 hectares. Our products are followed by expert figures along the entire production cycle. We have a genuine passion for quality and respect for sustainability. This attitude guides us in our everyday choices and in granting to our customers, the best European supermarkets, an unforgettable emotion.

“Sun, our best partner”

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Our mission

We want to preserve the true taste of tomato and to be leader in the European market for the production of top-quality tomatoes.

We always want to guarantee quality along the chain from producer to consumer, minimizing commercial and logistical steps.

We are willing to:
- Communicate the quality and the healthiness of our tomatoes directly to the consumer
- Create a dynamic, stimulating and enthusiastic workplace

Respect for people and environment will always be at the heart of our future choice.
Our aim is to operate locally with an international mindset

I.G. Method

Exclusivity of the varieties

We constantly look for varieties that are able to improve our customers' satisfaction. Once identified, we try to get the exclusivity on them to be able to protect the taste and wholesomeness of these special tomatoes.

Ten-years experience in the production of our varieties

The know-how we developed in the past years allow us to be considered expert growers in the tomato industry for varieties like "Piccolo" and "Sunstream". Our team of experienced agronomists take care every day of the plants and make sure to provide them with the ideal conditions to grow well.

15 hectares of high technology green-houses that allow us to:

a) Maintain constantly high quality standards
b) Be able to offer suitable volumes to our clients
c) Grant a continuous production for 10 months a year
d) Grow our healthy and tasty tomatoes in a more sustainable way

Get the best out of the weather condition

Through our production process and systems, we are able to maximize the benefits brought by the sun and the other climate factors to supply a tasty and healthy tomato at a competitive price.

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